Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brasserie Lefebvre Barbar Winter Bok

My more frequent readers, few in numbers though you might be, are probably raising an eyebrow or two at my selection this week, an ale that is decidedly NOT American or English. No, I somehow ended up with a few of these Winter Boks, not really my style, but I decided to review it nonetheless.

A big head with a light aroma on the nose giving hints of dark but not heavily roasted malts and traces of that oh so noticeable Belgian yeast. The front end hits with a lot of carbonation, evening out into a complex mixture of spices and sweetness. Hints of a mead like sweetness due apparently to a mixture of honey in the brew.

A bit of corriander adds an edge leaving for a well balanced, but rather sweetly spiced ale. Seems to be a little play on the German styled Dunkel, but while it espouses some of those qualities, it's drinkability appears to be more in part to it's overall muted flavors than its attributes. 8% alc.

Barbar Winter Bok: **1/2

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