Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Avery Salvation Belgian-style Golden Ale

Salvation. A lofty name for this Belgian styled Golden Ale from the folks at Avery.

According to the bottle, "Salvation is about finding your true passion, purpose, and meaning in life." I applaud the interpretation, however, if I were to take the word by historical connotation alone, and in some act of Divine Providence, be granted eternal life, I'm not sure this is the beer I would take with me.

Not that this beer is bad, but of course I would bring an American style ale with me! Aromas are sweet honey and malts, reminds me of Midas Touch. The flavor is unmistakebly Belgian in its yeast and grain choices. This would qualify as simply a well made Belgian if it were not for the subtle use of hops that distinguises it from its Flemmish cousins.

I made sure to take a snap shot of their extra fancy foil label.

Avery has cleverly cradled a soft, fruity body in a thin hop shell that rounds out the flavor, keeping the sweet tones from expanding too far. At the same time, the smallest hint of hop bitterness that I've ever tasted seems to pierce the middle of the flavor, perhaps like Moses parting the Red Sea??? Apologies, but broad concepts like Salvation, are best described with broad comedy; so it is and so it shall be. Avery used Belgian candy sugar for flavoring and fermenting, it's a classy and tasty touch. Alc. 9%

Salvation: ***

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