Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deschutes Hop Trip

A very pleasant sipping ale that falls somewhere between an IPA and a hoppy ale. There is a light front end which moves quickly into a very nicely balanced citrus middle and lightly bittered hoppy finish. The hops have a very nice flavor which Deschutes claims due to the fresh hop process. Apparently they are picked fresh and driven three hours to Bend where the wort has already been started. It seems to be a successful method as the hops taste very fresh and flavorful. And either way, I love the idea of two guys rushing in the door trying to get the hops into the brew as soon as possible. Supposedly there is a film of this "hop trip" somewhere online; search for FARfromEARTH films The body overall is light and that paired with fresh hops makes for a very nice sipping beer. Pick one up if you can find it.

Hop Trip Ale: ****