Saturday, October 11, 2008

My latest loot

I always try to keep a lot of good, interesting microbrews around the house and people are always asking me where I get my beer.

About once a month, I head down to a place in the Marina called
Beverage Warehouse. It's hidden at the end of this parking lot off of McConnel St; it's pretty tucked away, so unless you're looking for it, you won't stumble over it. Here's how I usually describe it: "If Toys R Us had alcohol, instead of toys... this would be that place." They have a really incredible selection of every kind of alcohol you could ever want and their staff has a really great knowledge about the different bottles. They also can order rarer things if you don't see what you like. I generally head down there once a month and pick up some beer, wine, and sometimes bourbon. They are always getting in new brands, limited editions and often have good specials that I like to take advantage of.

This latest trip was a great one; they trusted me enough to let me get a couple of beers out of their walk in and back room, which is where they store some of their favorite beers that they don't carry a lot of. Here's a picture of my loot:

From left to right I got: Coconut Porter (Maui Brewing Co, not usually my style to get cans or unknown, but the guy told me it was pretty good), Hop Stoopid (Lagunitas, I almost missed this was Lagunitas because of the big Sonoma Farmhouse written at the top), 12th Harvest Wet Hop (Sierra Nevada, no idea what wet hops are, but I'll find out), High Tide IPA (Port Brewing), Double Dead Guy (Rogue, cool red bottle, I don't really like Dead Guy, but I'll try almost any beer from Rogue and I'm a sucker for limited editions), Old Numbskull barley wine (Alesmith), Cali-Belgie IPA (Stone), Viscosity Ale (Port Brewing), Smoked Porter (Alaska), Blind Pig (Russian River), Pliny the Elder (Russian River), 90 minute IPA (Dogfish Head). Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

where's your hot girlfriend?

too much beer, not enough prezzies for her.