Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA

This beer has a statement on the box that says it's perhaps the best IPA in America. Apparently, they got this quote from Esquire. Ok, that's pretty obnoxious, however, that being said, it is quite good and it apparently it won the battle of the beer competition with Rogue three years in a row, which is quite a feat. It's actually an Imperial, so for those who don't like it strong beer, be advised. What's most noticeable is its strong malt and barley front end and sweet finish. The name comes from the boiling process, which is done to the wort during which hops are continuously added. I'm not familiar with the style, but my impression is that would make for a hoppier beer. However, my one critcism would be that for an Imperial IPA, the back end kick is really on the weaker side. Good if you like a smoother, sweeter IPA, but not if you enjoy a good bitter kick.

90 minute IPA rating: ****

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