Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LA Beer Week, part II

Ok, here are my suggestions for the last 5 days of LA Beer Week, I hope you all have been enjoying yourselves so far.

Wednesday, Oct 13

Stone Archive night @ Tony's Darts Away
Stone is bringing a load of their aged and old releases (i.e. limited) to this one night only event.  Those familiar with the Vertical Epic series will note that they are releasing their latest on 10.10.10 so I'm guessing there's a good chance it may be here.  Should be fantastic!

Thursday, Oct 14

Allagash Brewer's Dinner @ Tin Roof Bistro
I've never been to Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach, but judging by their menu and their pairing with Allagash, it's long overdue.  I'm guessing this will be a fancier event, but if you've never been to a beer pairing dinner it's really a great experience.  Check out the exquisite menu for this beer pairing dinner that promises to be well worth the money.

Hot Knives/Bruery pairing @ Surly Goat
Hot Knives again (make their own cheese), this time pairing their cheeses with beers from The Bruery.  Both brewer and cheese maker (is there are word for that?) are incredible artisans and this should be a great event.

Friday, Oct 15

Stone night @ Lucky Baldwin's
This is more Stone archive and goodness featuring some of their limited and current releases.  Probably similar to the other Stone events going on all week, but if this is closer to you or you miss the other ones, stop by here.

Drake's Denogginizer @ Library Alehouse
This is an awesome double IPA from Drake's.  I just found it in the bottle last week at Beverage Warehouse, but I'm yet to see it on tap.  Should be pretty epic.

Schneider and Cheese Impressario pairing @ Surly Goat
This should be vastly different from the Hot Knives cheese pairing and is well worth checking out.  Personally, I'm not familiar with the Cheese Impressario (Barrie Lynn), but based on Surly Goat's reputation I'm betting it will be pretty awesome.

Firestone premiere of Dark Knights @ Blue Palms
Somehow this slipped past me when I was initially reading the list.  There will be red carpet photos and food and cheese Pairings. Taste the delicousness of their brand new beer, The Dark Knights... 2010 Black Xantus, 2010 Parabola, Cask~Velvet Merlin, Walker's Reserve, also available, Double Jack, DBA, Pale 31, and Union Jack!

Saturday, Oct 16

Schneider Beer Brunch @ Wurstkutche
I half debated leaving this one off my list cause now it's gonna be absolutely packed.  But this is just too good to ignore.  Schneider and Aventinus paired with Wurstkutche Snausages!!  You don't get much more Oktoberfest than this.

Great Divide @ Naja's
You missed Great Divide at Congregation?  Lucky you, they're back again at Naja's.  Check last week's post for info about the Great Divide Brewery, but the short of it is they have some incredible beers that you won't get elsewhere.

Firestone Night @ Tony's Darts Away
Firestone is bringing a whole range of styles for you to try and Tony's is doing different flights so you can try all different varieties.  I'm betting they'll have their new beer, Dark Knights available as well.

Sunday, Oct 17

Union Station Beer Festival
This is actually the only event of the day and I'm sure it will be epic.  70 breweries, $40 entry for unlimited 4oz tastings.  The unlimited tastings is a pretty unique feature for a beer festival.  I haven't been able to find the list of breweries in attendance, maybe someone can comment if they know, but nonetheless, it should be great.  See you there!

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