Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LA Beer Week, part I

I'm guessing those who read my blog regularly will already know about this, but just in case you're one of the few people that are living a life of purity out in a cave somewhere...  LA Beer Week starts this Thursday, the 7th, and goes through the 17th.

Personally, I can't wait.  I only wish I had some time off work so I could fully enjoy all 11 days of all day activities.  If you've never done a beer week or beer festival, the list of events can be pretty overwhelming, so I thought I'd highlight a few of the events that I think will well be worth attending.

First a couple of suggestions and disclaimers:

1. These are just some of the highlights.  Use these for rough suggestions, but definitely go and read all the events that are available.  There are a lot of great parties to check out, you can view all the events here.

2. Try to vary up your activities.  Don't just hit a bar, go to a beer pairing dinner, or a cheese pairing, or style competition.  There's a lot of great ways to enjoy beer.

3. Try new beers.  Racer 5 is great, but you can order it when Beer Week is over.  Seriously, try a new beer, try a new style, a lot of these will only available this week; you'll never see them again!

4. Pace yourself.  I know you're all shaking your heads, but a lot of these beers are STRONG!  A good rule of thumb is to drink tasters or have a glass of water for every beer you drink.  Nobody wants to be that guy passed out in the corner after three beers... I hate that guy.

Thursday, Oct 7

Stone Brewing @ Naja's
For those that live in the Redondo Beach area this is an extraordinary treat; those that live close by, consider making the drive.  Greg Koch, Steve Wagner, Mitch Steele from Stone, will be on hand with 40 Stone beers!!

Friday, Oct 8

Avery night @ Blue Palms
For the uninitiated, Avery Brewing is based out of Colorado and they're one of my favorite breweries.  Owner Adam Avery will be on hand, I'm sure with some extraordinary beers.  I don't think they make a bad beer.  Swing by and order a truffle burger while you're there.

Saturday, Oct 9

Oktoberfest @ Verdugo
With Verdugo's big outdoor patio, this should be a great time.  They're doing a traditional Oktoberfest style day from 1 - 7 with traditional German beers like Spaten, Paulener, and Schneider plus they've got German food like pretzels and sausages.

Houblon Chouffe tapping @ Library Alehouse
The Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel is a Belgian IPA and one of my favorites.  You can generally find it around town in the bottle, but not every place has it on tap.  If you've never tried this beer and like hops, definitely swing by for a great beer.

Ballast Point Brewing @ Naja's
Ballast Point is one of our acclaimed local Southern California brewers (San Diego), and they'll be bring a bunch of their beers to Naja's.  Worth checking out.  Naja's is actually doing all day activities including Belgian beers from Wetton Importers and a beer and cheese pairing event.

Sunday, Oct 10

Great Divide Extravaganza @ Congregation Alehouse
I was lucky enough to check out this new place down in Long Beach last week and it's pretty cool.  Even cooler is that they'll have Great Divide on hand for the celebration.  Great Divide is thought to be among the top ten in American brewing and their beers are very hard to get out here.  Congregation will have 6 taps and bottles as well.

LA CABAL present Brewer's Brunch @ Eagle Rock Brewing
This is a beer inspired brunch with a menu set by Hot Knives.  Hot Knives is a blogging/cheese making team that love beer and cheese.  If you haven't had their stuff, you've got to try it, simply mouthwatering.  

Beer Float Showdown II @ Verdugo
This is going to be an epic battle of Los Angeles beer floats going head to head.  What's even better is that you get to be the judge!  Last year Golden State beat out Bottle Rock in a heated battle.

Monday, Oct 11

Premiere of Beer Ice Cream @ Scoops
Scoops is widely thought to be the best, most creative, ice cream shop in LA.  Golden State uses their ice  cream for their famous beer floats.  Well it looks like Scoops is skipping a step as they'll be debuting their  own, Beer ice cream.

Molecular Dinner featuring the Bruery @ Beachwood
This may be a little too far to drive for some, but certainly worth the trip for those culinarily inclined.  Gabe Gordon will be the head chef for this beer pairing dinner that should make some serious waves.

Oro de Calabaza @ Library Alehouse
Jolly Pumpkin is another brewery considered to be among the American brewer's greatest.  Oro de Calabaza is their highly rated Biere de Garde, and also one of my favorites for this style.  While it's not impossible to find this on tap at other times during the year, it's worth the trip if you like sour beers and have never had it.

Tuesday, Oct 12

Lost Coast 20th Anniversary @ Spring Street Smoke House
I actually haven't been down to this venue yet, but a BBQ with Lost Coast on tap should be epic.  Lost Coast is bring some of their staple beers along with some limited releases.

Strand Brewing Night @ Boneyard Bistro
Speaking of BBQ, have you been to Boneyard Bistro yet?  If you haven't, check it out.  Strand Brewing, another local, will be on hand with some of their beers.

That's all for this week.  Next week I'll finish up with suggestions for the 13th through 17th.


jaime ryan heintz said...

how am i not going to spend hundreds of dollars?!?!?!

Sean inman said...

I heartily recommend the Scoops beer ice creams. The Chimay and apricot is delicious and that is just one of seven that have been concocted.