Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rogue Double Dead Guy

For those familiar with the Rogue's most well known beer, Dead Guy ale, a first glance at the Double Dead Guy might cause them some dubious speculation. While Dead Guy is a fine beer when stood up against most of the major brews of the world, it lacks the imagination and the complex flavor that is a trademark of so many of Rogue's other beers. The Double Dead Guy is certainly a departure from it's namesake and almost wholly unrecognizable in comparison to it's predecessor. The body is a nice yellowish/amber color and carries tones of some sort of berry that I can't identify, perhaps juniper. There's a subtle sweet chocolately flavor that mixes perfectly with the berry taste as it moves into the back end of the pallette, intertwining beautifully all the way, and finishing with a smooth kick that's like a "do not disturb" sign on your hotel door. After having been disappointed with the single Dead Guy for many years, the Double is a welcomed success. Perhaps the flavors needed to be doubled all along.

Double Dead Guy: ****

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Kevin said...

Agreed! Bigger, Better, Period! An awesome beer to say the least.