Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brewdog Hardcore IPA

This very light colored imperial IPA has a surprisingly nice bite. When I first saw it, I was interested to try an IPA that hailed from the British Isles rather than here at home. However, having never heard of Brew Dog before and gazing at the label, I didn't have my hopes to high for how it would turn out. As far as labels go, it just didn't match the subtle particularities of American micro-brew colors and design that often key you in as to whether a beer is good or not. Also, a beer that self-endorses itself as "Hardcore!!" just seemed like it might be struggling from a small identity complex. But having been surprised many times before by other awkwardly named and dressed brews, I went for it. The beer was surprisingly complex with bits of citrus and toffee that mingle through the palette as you enjoy it. I could go for a bit more front end and a less subtle kick on the back end, but all in all a very nice blend and pleasant beer to drink.

Hardcore IPA: ***

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