Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mikkeller Cascade Single Hop IPA

Sorry for just one post last week.  I've been super busy recently, so I'm going to be scaling back my posts to just one a week.  That way I won't risk falling behind and you'll always be assured of at least one entry per week.  I just read an article on how beer increases bone strength.  In that spirit, I'll try a glass of Mikkeller's Cascade Single Hop IPA.  I actually tried this beer in Amsterdam while on one of my many picnics.  While the beer was like a taste of fresh air, while breathing in fresh air, it doesn't quite hold up to my memory of it.  

That being said, it's still Mikkeller, and he still has remarkable talent and taste.  Cascade is slowly becoming the classic American hop, and while perhaps not as potent as its simcoe and summit cousins, it's a smoother and darker taste that is perfect for bringing about good balance in a beer; and that is exactly what this beer does, balance.  

It has a sweet nose with a deep golden colors, a big head with a medium amount of lacing from the foam.  A sweeter front end with a hint of raisin and citrus is bolstered by a classic back end hop bitterness.  While the kick is nice, I wish there was a little more hop presence throughout the body, which when put altogether is a little thin.  Still a very nice very drinkable creation.  6.9 alc%

Cascade Single Hop IPA: ***

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