Friday, July 3, 2009

Anderson Valley 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA

Crazy apples run abound in this 20th anniversary Imperial from Anderson Valley. A small headed, orange bodied Imperial, this beer impresses with its fine tuned taste and sweetness. The front end is like biting a sweet apple carried on crystal malt. The hops seem to hitch a ride on that malt train and raise their head as the beer settles and swallows into the palette. They are of the darker variety that settle underneath the tongue and mix bitter and spice to leave a lingering sensation of the sweet apple that started the journey. All that spice and sweetness lends itself to a good fall brew, but I wonder if the balance could have been more even. A well constructed beer, but I would expect a better name from this long standing giant among craft brewers.

Chris demonstrates a perfect pour.

20th Anniversary Imperial IPA: ***1/2

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