Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beer floats

So first off, I feel it necessary to at least mention the fact that it has been a very long time since I last blogged. For those of you that know me, I've had a fairly hectic couple months and what with the relocation, I fell a little out of the habit of brewing, blogging, but never drinking. So after a long hiatus, here's a couple reviews to enjoy.

After reading a post by @ChipperDave ( about making beer floats, I was motivated to try making my own.

I used that devil Rasputin mixed with Chocolate ice cream, thinking that would be a nice combo.

Here's my brother prepping the floats.

At first we used only a little beer with about a scoop and a half of ice cream and it was mixing enough, so we used more beer.

Overall, no one was too enthusiastic about the combo. Maybe too much beer, maybe just the wrong type. The hops and the bite seemed to take away from the creamy sweet side of the ice cream. However, the malts mixed well. So I was left wondering if another beer wouldn't be better. Maybe Rogue's Chocolate Stout??

That being said, my mom still enjoyed it.

As did my brother.

The man, the myth, the legend...

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Chipper Dave said...

Nice to see you tried some beer floats. I typically try to pour just a little bit over icecream to enhance the flavor of the ice cream. Too much beer and it can get over powering.

Next time, also consider using lighter color ice creams like English Toffee or even Chocolate Chip or even a Raspberry Chocolate Chip. By adding just a hint of a big stout it can be quite tasty.

Not all ice cream mixes well with dark beers. Be sure the ice cream is fresh and not freezer burned and is very soft. Experiment a bit with how much beer you pour in.

Porters, Stouts, Imperial Stouts, and other dark brews seem to work well with ice cream. I've even had a Cherry Wheat poured over vanilla icecream too (was ok).

Don't give up on them just because your first one wasn't that exciting. Old Rasputin can be quite dry. Try a Deschutes Abyss or Black Butte Porter XX or an Oskar Blues Ten Fidy next time.