Sunday, May 3, 2009

Green Flash Hop Head Red

Tis the season for red ales. Greenflash has impressed me as of late, so I picked up a number of their brews on my latest trip to Beverage Warehouse. This brew pours a deep red with a light amount of head. Aroma is strong amarillo hops as is advertised on the outside of the bottle. The taste is bitter throughout, but definitely one that changes in complexity as you taste it. The first sip has a dark malt flavor with a slight hint of apples that lost in a moment like the dips of a rollercoaster. As the hops intensify they roll through any lingering malt and flatten into a wide blanket of bitterness that covers your mouth and leaves a long lasting aftertaste. I've come to expect Greenflash to do their work in the fairly bitter category, like most Craft brewers, they love the hops. And while this is rather well made red, the hops seem to overwhelm the rest of the flavor and can't decide between red and IPA.

Hop Head Red: ***

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