Friday, April 10, 2009

Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA

Delicious is the adjective stands out most as I search my mind and palette for a way to tangibly describe this beer. I've never been a big Avery drinker, for the simple reason that it's not easy to find out here. But after revisiting it tonight, I realize why so many swear by this label and why it has been so encouraged to me throughout the years. I'm not always a fan of the darker flavored hops, the kind that start with the bitter kick you'd expect from the end, and maintain that flavor throughout. But Avery has really mastered it in this beer, giving it complexity along with character. There's a bold tangy, almost apple like flavor to the hops that hits you right up front off the first sniff, and once you've inhaled it, you can tell you're in for a good drink. The back end culminates as the hop bite rolls back on your tongue and then snaps like a whip as the last of the beer disappears. Having recently drank a few imperials that built their hops too big for their britches, this is a welcomed surprise.

Maharaja Imperial IPA: ****1/2

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Kevin said...

I would love to link you to my site. How can I follow your blog? I don't see the link???? Great stuff!!! I wish I was out there dude, Stone, Green Flash, Bear Republic, Everything in CO.