Friday, January 9, 2009

Angelino Heights, Victorian IPA

I'm back after a short hiatus for the holidays. After looking through some old posts, I noticed that I spoke a bit about making my home made IPA, but I never spoke about the best part, drinking it. Since I'm already run out of it and drinking my new brew, I thought I should take a second to finish talking about it.

While a lot of people seemed to like the IPA, overall I was unhappy with it. It had a very nice amber color, although darker than I would have hoped for. It started with a very promising front end: slight citrus tones and slowly building hops. However, the back end really fell apart leaving you only with bitter taste without any of the accompanying hop, citrus, or malt flavor. Here's a picture of the IPA, and below that a picture of my friend Chris and I drinking at Thanksgiving.

Not a bad try though for my first IPA. I'd really like to try using cascade or simcoe hops the next time I try an IPA though because I'm personally more partial to that brighter more citrus-y flavor. I also think longer fermenting times and using spring water could be very helpful in making the flavors a little richer. Interestingly enough, I tried one again, about a month after it was initially finished and it was much better. Perhaps all it needed was a little extra time in the bottle?

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